Life Aquatic EP

by Long Way to Alaska

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2nd ep


released April 29, 2013

Gil Amado: drums, electric guitar, guitalele, vocals, and percussion instruments
Gonçalo Alvarez: bass, electric guitar and vocals
Lucas Carneiro: electric guitar and ukulele
Nuno Abreu: electric guitar and vocals

Miguel Nicolau: electric guitar on "King Of Your Own"
Sérgio Freitas: mellotron on "Air" and "Aquatic Brotherhood", hammond on "Aquatic Brotherhood" and "Beacon Fire"
Zé Nando: conga drums on "Beacon Fire"

Produced by Long Way to Alaska.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Zé Nando Pimenta, assisted by João Moreira at Meifumado studios.

Additional recording of Miguel Nicolau's electric guitar by Nuno Monteiro at Lisboa Estúdios.

Artwork by Bolos Quentes.

PAD edition.



all rights reserved


Long Way to Alaska Braga, Portugal

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Track Name: Air
Winged man flying the upper blue sea
From there we are small but his trail we all see.

Thy dreams will land on one´s feet
When body and soul meet
Faces filled with joy will greet.

We love clouds not mist, Show us something far from our imaginary.
We´ll stop and stare,
How we will love.
We will give it all.
So if you´re gone
Come back one day
Come back and stay
Come back and lay

Thy dreams will land on one´s hand
When body and soul meet
Faces filled with joy will greet.
Track Name: King Of Your Own
Standing next to a coconut tree
Drunk and thirsty for the first bath in the sea

Ze from Guinea
In Zimbabwe
Wanted to be Makélélé
Dancing in flambé

Wild love you picked up
Deaf and mute, just hurry up and be it so

Ze from Guinea
In Zimbabwe
Wanted to be Makélélé
Dancing in flambé

Have you wondered the number of songs to sing
Yell to the wind you are the air they need to swing

We were all born
To be left on this playground
All you have to know
You are the king of your own
Track Name: Aquatic Brotherhood
To look with kindly eyes
The birth of a new dolphin´s rise
We hold an ocean size smile
A fortune alone in an isle.

Dear bosom friends
Come and draw a colored wave
For us to meet halfway
None of us will be behind time
Following the old signs
Searching for the owl´s hymn
Idyllic sight, higher keen
Storytelling till moonrise
Smokey wine to emphasize.

Keep your thoughts brace them all tighter
Hold your words, learn from every shire.
Track Name: Beacon Fire
Imagine when we find
How people will face the time
A vision´s oracle to the blind
In a three word rhyme:

Gently, humbly, slowly
As the beacon fires grow
Idealists clearly dreaming
As nature finds it so.

Wherever you go, find your way
For the things that won´t go away
Whenever you go, save a day
For the word you want to say

Don´t run, don´t yell, be good, be well.